Killians - A to Z Blog Challenge

Killian's Irish Red is actually not very Irish, and hasn't been since it left Ireland in 1956. It was sold at that time to a French brewery, and then later sold again to Coors which is based in Colorado. 

Regardless of where it's brewed though, it is based on an Irish recipe, so we'll give it a pass. 

I like Killian's, and it's one of my baseline beers. It's good enough that I enjoy it, but not usually the first thing that I'd reach for. It's light, fairly clear, kinda watery, but still has a decent amount of flavor. The interesting thing to a beer geek like me, it's a lager like Bud, but it's got a taste similar to an ale. 

Another interesting thing about Killian's, it goes very well with pepperoni. Dunno why. Just does. It also makes me crave peanut butter sandwiches. 

Killian's rings in at 4.9%. 

Sorry I don't have much to say about Killian's. If this were a Video Log, it'd be even sorter, cause I'd probably just give it a thumbs up, and make a face that says "Sure!" I write a lot more at my other blog, to which there's a link to the right. ...just sayin.