A to Z Blog Challenge Coming Up! A to Z Beer Reviews!

So like last year, I'm in the A to Z blog Challenge this year again, starting April First.

I'm going to be reviewing beers from A to Z.

I like heavy, bitter beers. I like a beer that doesn't feel or look like water. I like a beer that doesn't taste like pennies and dishwater. I don't like what they call "Fizzy yellow beer" although I will drink it on occasions when taste isn't a factor. When I'm very goal oriented, and that's all that's around, I will.

The views expressed here are the views of me, and definitely represent the views of the Brew Newb, because that's me.

If you'd like to see the beers I'll be reviewing there's a link over to the right that'll take you to my list.

Please feel free to agree with my reviews, or respectfully disagree. I will not argue. At the end of the day, you're at my blog. Just like I drink, I will blog responsibly, I suggest you do as well.

Happy reading!