Corona - A to Z Blog Challenge

You'll have to forgive me for this post, as it comes pretty darned close to main-stream beer. I wanted to do Ciderjack, but was hesitant since it's not exactly a beer. Turns out it's not made anymore anyway, so I had to turn my sights elsewhere. The next obvious choice was Coors, which... bleh.

Corona is a popular beer among the "Fizzy Yellow Beer" drinkers, (a phrase used by Stone Brewers in promotion of their "Arrogant Bastard" brew... Wish I'd thought about that beer when doing "a"... Ah well.) I don't particularly like Corona, and I'm sure I could have found a different craft brew to talk about, but I chose Corona, because I think there's enough stuff to say about it.

Corona is a popular alternative to beers like bud light, though I don't find it much different. The major difference is that it's common for the drinker to add a slice of lime. While I'll admit, adding the lime does make this beer taste better, I would submit that just drinking a better tasting beer would be the way to go instead.

Watching Jeopardy last week, there was a lass who said she and a friend or two had gotten scurvy in college. She said once they were diagnosed, they added limes to their Coronas and it went away. So, I guess that's one benefit of drinking Corona...

I do have to give credit where credit is due though. Through clever marketing the brewers have convinced people that drinking Corona = paradise. When I think of Corona, I think of beaches and limes and bathing suits, and Hawaiian shirts. Because of these associations, I can't hate Corona, even though I think it tastes rain water with a twist of lime.

Here's a prime example:

Beer Advocate has the same sort of reviews, one person saying it tastes like "carbonated water and dirty coins.". Marketing aside though, if you love beer, I suggest you don't bother with Corona. 

The best thing about this beer is the lime wedge. This, I think, is a sad testament.