Dogfish Head Craft Brewed Ales - A to Z Blog Challenge

One of my favorite brews is the I.P.A., or India Pale Ale. This is a particularly bitter ale, a taste that comes from the hops.

Dogfish Head brews Ales, and perhaps one of my top five favorites is the 90 Minute IPA. I like to think of the 90 Minute IPA as the example of an excellent IPA. This beer vs bud light is like smoked salmon vs fish sticks.

There's no doubt that this is a heavy beer with lots of flavors going on. If this beer were a guy, he'd be one of those confident, outspoken, slightly louder than necessary, opinionated by charismatic fellows. You'd hear him two rooms away and prepare to be irritated, but his words would strike a chord and as you'd listen, you'd begin to respect him. You would feel more important when in his presence, and soon, you'd find yourself looking for him every time you came back to that room.

The malt is apparent in the smell and taste, the hops are heavy and slightly citrusy, but it all balances out and is very not bitter in the finish.

The alcohol content is high, coming in at 9%! this means it's like drinking two bud lights as far as the buzz is concerned. However, this is not the kind of beer you chug. You savor this beer, enjoying every ounce. You can drink this beer slowly, and still get your buzz on.

Their website, Dogfish.com does not require that you be 21 to enter, as the other sites that I've linked so far in the challenge have. I find it really silly that a 19 year old would be allowed to enter pornographic sites, but not one about a beer, but they didn't consult me, so...

Definitely a non convential brewer, they even have a music group. See here.

For a tour of their brewery, watch here: