Ipswich Ale Brewery - A to Z Blog Challenge

When I realized that I loved beer, I would get myself a twelve pack of something I loved, a six of something different that I'd had before, and a six of something I've never tried. I wasn't developed a pallet yet like I have now, or perhaps I just hasn't numbed my taste buds or brain cells enough, but I seem to recall Ipswich Ale being too bitter for me.

Like I say, I was still new to beer drinking, and favored the watery stuff, so it deserves a second chance. I'll gladly give it another whirl, but I'm broke right now, so you'll just have to read whatever factoids about it that I can dig up.

Ipswich is a little town in northern MA, which according to their visitor's center, is loaded with history like farms and attractions like Crane beach.

Right, big deal, I know. I'm trying here, it's tough to do a beer review without said beer...

My friends over at BeerAdvocate.com gave Ipswich Ale's Oatmeal Stout an A-... People who like Oatmeal Stouts find this to be terrific, those who just like stouts find it less creamy than they like, but still pretty good.

The Oatmeal stout is 7%.

OK, so I had a hard time coming up with a beer for I, but I have had this before, and even though I didn't like it at the time, I'm willing to bet I would now, cause there've been a lot of beers that I didn't like at one time or another... Heck, when I started drinking, I stuck with "Bud" cause I thought "Bud Light" was too bitter... so...

But something else that's cool about these guys, is they also make soda, or "pup" for you mid-landers. My mother calls it "tonic"... not sure where that comes from, but I always thought that was what you put on your head to grow hair.

In addition to these beverages, they also make a mustard, and shared some outstanding-sounding recipes on their sight.

If you've had their stuff recently, and would like to let me know your thoughts, please do! I'll let you know if I get some sometime soon too.