Flemish Sour by Monk's Cafe - A to Z Blog Challenge

I'd never heard of a "Flemish Sour" before, but I saw it on the shelf while I scoured for an E beer, and grabbed it. I didn't realize there'd be many other "Flemish Sours" otherwise I probably would have kept looking.

Anyway, what a weird beer. I cracked it open, and I swear it smelled more like a red wine than a beer. I poured it in a glass, as is my way, and it was a dark redish brown, and still smelled very much like a sweet red wine. Well, hell if it doesn't taste like a sweet red wine, only sweeter. It's almost like a raspberry ginger ale, it's so fruity and sweet.

It's 5.5%, so it's not overly strong. If you have one of "those" friends who doesn't like beer and is unwilling to try anything that remotely tastes like beer, and you're trying to get him or her to develop a taste for beer, this might be a good one to start with. It's practically a wine cooler.

All in all, not a bad drink, but if I'm looking for a beer, it's definitely not going to cut it... It's like turkey bacon. Not bad, but not bacon.

The best part about this beer, if you zoom in, you'll see the price tag... It was $2.95 for this bottle. So far, the cheapest "single" beer I've bought for this challenge.