A to Z Blog Challenge Beer Review - Hopdevil Ale by Victory

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Brew:  IPA
Brewer:  http://victorybeer.com/beers/hopdevil/
ABV: 6.7%
Opinion: Good Beer! 

Normally I do some kinda narrative as I open the bottle, yada yada... Truth here is I was so eager to taste this, being called "hopdevil" and all, and I'm such a fan of the bitter hops... one might call me a hop-head. Hmm... that might have been a better name for this site, huh? Anyway...

I had high hopes here. Hopdevil... Gotta be good, right?!

Begrudgingly, I will admit, yes, it's a good beer. However, I think it would have been better named something else. I expected something else I guess. I really love bitter piney hops. This left me disappointed.

I know it isn't fair. On it's own merit this is a good beer. A mild IPA, for sure... In fact, "India" and "Pale" are very feint on the label, but "Ale" is just as prominent as "HopDevil"... It's like, they made an IPA, that came out like just a good ale...

This is a good beer, I would drink this again, I think I was just expecting something else. Not to say something BETTER... Just something else. It's like rating milk when you expected orange juice.