#atozchallenge - Q...?

Welp. I dropped the ball here, cause not only is Q supposed to have been posted some time back, but I never got my hands on a Q brew...

SO. Instead of giving you a first hand review of a beer, I will search the internet, and give your a few regurgitated reviews of a few Q beers...

I figured, there'd HAVE to be some kind of beer with "Queen" in the name, right? "Queen's land" or "Queensmen" or something... So I turned to the internet on my Droid, as I do so often.

The app is called "UNTAPPD" and you can use it to "Check in" in different places, while you're drinking, and get badges for what you're drinking etc. It's like Foursquare, which I tried out before, though I seldom leave the house, so location based check ins make no sense for me.

Beer based check ins however...

Aside from simply tracking your drinking habit, which may or may not be smart, by the way... It also allows you to review the beer and share your thoughts on twitter. I like this cause I can't remember things so well these days, so I can look back and see which ones I liked the most!

So I searched for Q...

Result #1 - Queen Josephine's Brewery. A couple of clicks here, and I get their beer list... Very interesting, says I!

Coffee & Donut Stout! The second that looks interesting here is Queen Josephine's Chocolate Maple Porter. Indeed. Let's see what I can find on the interwebs about these things!

So it looks like this brewery is in Marietta, GA, and has a total of 4 beers listed on Untappd. That's the extent of the information on this place in that app, so I turn to Google! ...nothing. I didn't expect that. There's nothing more than the address some ten or so search results down on the page. They apparently have no website. That's a drag.

So I go to Beer Advocate! Absolutely nothing.

So depressing! How's that for anti-climactic?! Sorry to whet your appetite to let you down here!

Let's move on, I guess...

Quantum Brewing Co.
They are apparently in Manchester England, but I won't hold that against them. Looking through their Beer list for the most interesting sounding name...

Huh... "American Amber Ale"... Wonder how that sells in England? ...moving on.

So far, the names are fairly boring, like "IPA" and "Stout"... Ah, here we go... "SK1", "Steam Beer", and "Don't Panic". Excellent.

Unfortunately, once again, there's not a whole lot of info on the web here. They do have a web page, but there's nothing on Beer Advocate, and the only description they have of the three brews above, is the SK1, which is:

Quantum SK1 Barleywine. The first in what will hopefully be a series of collaborations with Colin Stronge, head brewer at Scotland’s Black Isle Brewery, this was a 7.4% barley-wine brewed in August 2011, using all New Zealand hops. It has been released in keg, bottle and we have a cask held back for the Stockport Beer Festival 2012.

Well, I guess I could continue on, but I don't think I'm going to find much else here. I will look for a brew that I can get my hands on, cause at this rate, this post is likely to be HUGE, and not really say much. 

Any readers out there have a Q beer, or know of these brewers I've listed and want to share your opinions?!