#atozchallenge - Ithica Brewing's Flower Power IPA Beer Review

Brew:  IPA
Brewer:  http://ithacabeer.com/flower-power/
ABV: 7.5%
Opinion: Great Beer! 

Today I will finish the last of the brews I bought for reviews, and that group consists of ipas. I am excited, I love ipa.

Flower Power came highly recommended by a couple of folks of taste, so I am looking greatly forward to this.

The scent is potent, a nice "bouquet" of floral and pine hops. This beer smells good. It poured a cloudy orange with very little head. The scent is only that much better from the glass.

First sip, an excellent blend of citrus, floral and pine hops, the floral being only a little more prevalent than the other two. The second sip was equally tremendous. The after taste is a nice pine reminder of a moment ago when I was swallowing a terrific beer. Those were good times... good times...

This is a great beer.