Brew 1.3 - Red Ale (5-21-10)

So it's been 6 days since the first brew went into the fermenter. Having read the instructions again yesterday, I realized that this particular kit wants the secondary fermentation to all happen in the bottles. That is to say, tomorrow, I'm going to be siphoning from the primary to the bottling bucket, mixing in the priming sugar, and then bottling. The bottles will sit somewhere dark for a week, and then in the fridge for three more weeks. That's the plan anyway.

I'm a little bit leery of the bottling bucket, and I'm going to give it some extra cleaning, I think. I don't know how I feel about the spigot it's got on it. I get the sense that it'd be a great place for bacteria to hide, and I also think that by using that for the bottling, I will run a greater risk of bottling some sludge, as it's at the bottom of the bucket. I don't think I'll be using it, I think I'll just stick with the racking cane.

The more I watch and read online, the more confident I get about brewing in general. I think I'm to a point where I understand the process, and how / why it all works the way it does. This is giving me ideas. I realize I'm only about half done with my first ever brew, but I think I'm going to be ready to stop using the kits even sooner than I'd originally guessed... I'm getting anxious to just buy a bunch of ingredients in bulk and go by different recipes instead of kits. It's basically just cooking, and I do that well enough already.

I'd like to maybe make some non-standard brews for holidays... It's a little late for me to be thinking about the fourth of July as it's right around when this particular brew will be ready, but I'm thinking something interesting for Halloween... A pumpkin somethingorother maybe. We shall see.

Anyway, looking forward to tomorrow. Going to be doing the bottling and maybe starting another brew. or two.